About FPL

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About FPL Services

FPL became a consultancy through recommendation. Our rigorous standards and experience led to high demand ranging from supporting businesses with operational and strategic challenges to offering specialist project management consultancy on technically challenging and complex jobs.

Our mission is to continue building on this experience to offer our customers a service that solves their most extreme problems.

This is the environment we thrive in, using our experience to bring clarity and insight to your issues, building confidence through communication, building trust through predictable, reliable delivery, and assisting your business with operational and strategic challenges or assisting you with getting a project out of difficulty to transition into regular operations with a competent team you believe in.


Ryan Waters

Following a period of approx 25 years working for major companies, Ryan Waters started FPL Services with the vision of developing a business and project consultancy to help businesses with anything from operational and strategic challenges to startup, support or recovering projects.

Due to his knowledge and experience working across the full life cycle of a project, Ryan has often been assigned to projects that were off-track and in need of project recovery. He has a real passion for project reviews and putting strategies and plans in place to ensure successful recovery.

Able to shift seamlessly between office and site, onshore and offshore, he is comfortable managing portfolios and dealing with key stakeholders while directing complicated operations across the UK and internationally.

If it’s developing and leading business strategy or getting new greenfield projects up and running or integrating major brownfield modifications, these are the challenges FPL was created to meet.