Project Consultancy

Our mission is to continue building on this experience to offer our customers a service that solves their most extreme problems.


Project Consultancy

At any stage of a project things can go wrong. Whether you need us to run a strong kick-off, manage a crucial build phase or restore an ailing programme, we are here to provide assured delivery at any phase in the project lifecycle:

Initiation and Estimating | Planning | Execution | Monitoring and Control | Close out

Developing a powerful startup

Start as you mean to go on, by setting up a competent, engaged team with the right working practices and tools to get up and running quickly.

Project review and assessment

Give your project a health check to ensure best practice is being followed with good continuous improvement and quality assurance programmes in place.

Recovery and restoration

Sometimes things just go sideways. It can’t be helped, but it can be fixed. Turning around troubled projects is deeply satisfying for all stakeholders. The highly charged atmosphere in conflicted enterprises creates an energy that often results in bringing teams closer together and delivering beyond expectations once improvements are implemented.

Impartial, objective advice

Capitalise on our experience; we can take a high level overview of your project and make recommendations on organisational setup, outline key roles and responsibilities, advise on stakeholder engagement, support delivery with detailed execution plans, and enhance communication with KPIs, milestones and dashboards.


Confident leadership can really set your project on track, giving the core team clear objectives, clarity of purpose and positive support. We can assess your project and target the critical points for improvement. With struggling teams we can conduct workshops, using best practice root cause processes to solve the underlying troubles and put your teams back on the path to success

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What Service We Provide

We are fixers and finders. Our director has worked at the sharp end of the most challenging projects in the most challenging industries.

Project consultancy


Supporting enhanced project delivery at any stage of the project lifecycle.

Management & Business Consultancy

Management & Business Consultancy

Supporting Businesses and their Leadership Teams with operational and strategic challenges.